Pioneer Museum &
The Big Stampede

Sponsored by the Pioneers of Alaska and the Pioneer Auxiliary of Alaska.

Located at Pioneer Park
Pioneer Hall in Gold Rush Town
Fairbanks, Alaska

See and Learn About Fairbanks and Interior Alaska's
Beginning and Subsequent Business and Social Life.

At the Pioneer Museum you will get a taste of Frontier Alaska, where Sourdoughs carved a livelihood from the wild, beautiful, and sometimes harsh land. Preserved and displayed here are artifacts and photos demonstrating their hard work, daily life, and recreation. Along with prospecting and mining tools and equipment, you will see telegraphic items dating from the days of the youthful Lt. Billy Mitchell (a Signal Corps soldier), and primitive printing relics that supported communications.

Frontier transportation is depicted by dog sleds, snowshoes, horse-drawn sleds and stages, sternwheeler mementoes, and early aviation relics from the Golden Heart, where Alaska's air transportation started. Typical household goods reveal facets of home life, a variety of medical, engineering, legal and other professional materials illustrate available services. Handmade tools and appliances reveal the pioneers' ingenuity.

"THE BIG STAMPEDE SHOW", complementing the Museum, vividly displays the rigors of our Gold Rush trails. This dramatically lighted 45 minute presentation, illustrated by fifteen enormous oil paintings by famed Alaskan artist C. R. "Rusty" Heurlin and narrated by Poet Laureate Ruben Gaines, shows the hardships of the search for gold and the subsequent settlement of the future Forty-ninth State. Originally designed for the Alaska '67 Centennial Exposition in Fairbanks, celebrating the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867, The Big Stampede is a "must see" for every Fairbanksan and Visitor. This exciting mural presentation moves the guests to see the murals, the only "movie" where the pictures are "still" and the patrons are "moved". You'll enjoy it!

The Pioneer Museum and Big Stampede Show are presented by Pioneer Memorial Park, Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable/educational group initiated by the Pioneers of Alaska. Contributions of Alaskan artifacts and financial donations are appreciated. Address communications to PO Box 70176, Fairbanks, Alaska, 99707.

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