Mount Aurora
Fairbanks, Alaska

2315 Skiland Rd., Fairbanks, AK 99712

Phone (907) 389-2314
Fax (907)389-2002
Ski Report - (907) 456-SNOW
Lodge - (907) 389-3624 (When open)

Steve and Brenda Birdsall invite you to World Class Skiing at Mount Aurora. This is the most northerly Ski resort in North America. Located at the Summit East of the Steese at 20.5 Mile. Turn onto Fairbanks Creek Road and go straight up the hill - 5/8 mile.

With state of the art Silver Star Express 3800 feet double chair lift. Equipment rentals, instruction and a cozy day lodge with great food and hot beverages.

Skiland will be one of your fondest memories of your Alaskan adventure. One of the last family owned & operated resorts where safe wholesome fun is to be had by all.

Patrolled by Fairbanks Ski Patrol - NSPS
3800 Foot Double Chair Lift
28 Trails Suitable for Novice to Pro
Day Lodge and Food Service
Learn to Ski Packages
Ski Rental and Instructions

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Mount Aurora SkiLand

"Skiing above all is fun! See you on the slopes"

Ski Inc. ~ PO Box 75310 ~ Fairbanks, AK 99707


Phone - (907) 389-2314 Fax - (907) 389-2002

Lodge - (907) 389-3624
Ski Report - (907) 459-ISKI

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